students voice their opinions on the after effect of the election

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Protesters at the anti-racism rally in Martin Place.

Photo: Saffron Howden

Alisha Garnsey is a well-know student at Atlantic Community High School. She has seen many forms of hate while living in central Florida. She has seen confederate flags almost on every home she lived by during her time in central Florida. She is saddened by the ignorance and hate people have for each other. As most kind-hearted people would want, she wants to see people love and get along with each other instead of having people fighting and killing each other.

Ms. Garnsey’s time in central Florida was an eye opener for her, she saw how ignorant and hateful people can be. She’s seen how people were separated either by choice or by fear that something might happen to them or their families. Ms. Garnsey believes that there is separation by color in Atlantic high school, she states that “during the morning or lunch, you can see people separated by color”. Racism and segregation are still prevalent in our southern state and in our schools. It’s in a guise so that we don’t recognize it and it’s evil.


The law center has reported that “In just one year, 25 hate groups have became active and there has been 197% increase of anti-Muslim groups”, after the election.


Three students were asked about how they felt about this statistic. One student was surprised, beginning to laugh, he did not believe that this could be possible in our state. Racism is almost everywhere we can look. Even in a school great as ours, but we need to have an open mind to keep this hate out of our school. He stated “ I’ve personally hardly seen any racism around campus but it could be a possibility for it to be on campus”. Another student thought the statistic was disgusting because he couldn’t believe that people would be quick to hate.


One of the students has stated that he has seen a lot of hate against people of his ethnic group, by seeing some of his people being “killed, arrested, or suspected of being a criminal for no good reason”. He believes that eventually the racism will be extinguish in Florida and the United States, hopefully the whole world. He stated that “times are changing ”.


With every passing year racism gets weaker and we get closer to a true “united” U.S.

I'm George Miguel Cruz, I joined the journalism to learn more about writing and how effects people. Writing to me has always been a way people can express their lives and or opinions. Even in the past writing was a key component to human history, it helped creating governments and telling about pass events. Writing can give a person a whole new meaning to something they have thought to be true, but even one article can change the views of a whole nation or maybe even one person.

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