Summer Europe trip available to ACHS students

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   Atlantic High School is partnering up with EF tours to offer the opportunity for its students to take a summer trip to Europe in 2018. Any student that currently attends Atlantic High School can apply for the trip by contacting the people listed below.

   There are two different tours available. The Artist’s Tour is directed towards students who are interested in the arts. The trip gives students the opportunity to tour and observe the rich artistic history of France and Italy. This tour is sponsored by Julia Zuniga and Natalie De Feliz. You can contact them at and or for more info on this trip you can visit .

   The other tour is an all inclusive 9 day trip to learn about the history and culture of Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Ewa Maas and Christine Palulis sponsor this trip. You can contact them at and or for more info on this trip you can visit



The deadline for these two trips was originally April 21st but, is being extended to April 28th. All registration and payment plans must be arranged by this date. There are only a few spots available.

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