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[You] and Frank Ocean: The method behind the music.

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Upon listening to Frank Ocean’s most popular song “Thinkin bout You,” one thing that is not realized by most listeners is his omission of gender-specific pronouns to address the listener (his lover). He keeps this style of writing for most of the songs on his album “Channel Orange,” and his newest album “Blonde.” Why does he stray from the typical R&B pattern by removing gender-specific pronouns?

Most artist have a specific demographic because most R&B artists are heterosexual, but Frank Ocean is a bisexual artist, so appealing to just one demographic would be weird to both his fans and himself.
So knowing that, he makes his songs for everyone — every gender — by using the word “You.” Rather than dividing his demographic with certain songs for “females” and for “males,” he decided he might as well make a song for both of them. Of course, not all his songs avoid gender-specific pronouns. However, there are only a handful of the ones that are, including his mixtape “Nostalgia, Ultra.” This shows not only his ability as a singer-songwriter, but it also explains why so many people enjoy his music, though he has not gained a relatively large fan base yet.

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