Young Entrepreneurs: Sauce Supply Co.

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      During spring of 2016, Hansley Felix thought about multiple ideas and ways to promote his ideas, emotions and attributes towards others. One of those ideas was to promote self confidence with the self confidence he had that he wished others had. Hansely thinks of himself as a charismatic teen with ambitions and ideas that he wanted to display somehow. Hansley eventually came up with an idea that can combine multiple ideas and interests into one thing with an apparel line promoting self-confidence in an efficient way, a way where those can feel better about themselves and give them a boost of confidence. Hansley Felix created his apparel/company under the name “Sauce Supply Co.”  with the help of his friends.

      A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses while taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so is being an entrepreneur. Hansley can be considered as a young entrepreneur, something not most his age is doing. At his age he’s managing a business, turning hobbies into a profession through the perfection of the craft. Describing Hansley in one word would be the word “Smooth” which is also his nickname that he often goes by. I asked Hansley about the name he chose for his brand “Sauce” if there was any specific meaning behind it. Instead of the normal word of “sauce” like a condiment, in an urban sense the word “sauce” is used to describe someone who has a style, confidence, and attraction about them. This is something he wants most to have or feel when wearing his designs on a shirt or hoodie.

      Hansley isn’t the only person in Sauce Supply, he also is accompanied by his friend Fritzly. Hansley’s close friend he had help with making this business from the ground up their sophomore year of high school. Frtizly Beaubrun aka “Fritz” aka “Sauceman” is as goal oriented as Hansley, both aspiring to make a difference in the world and especially their generation. Fritzly being in the same age group as Hansley of 16-17 wants to make a change and a difference to the things in the world he grew up seeing. Fritzly wants to make a difference by speaking on political issues and topics that he personally feels needs to be heard and change if possible.

      These two juniors are becoming role models for the next generation after them at an early age. The two believe that the youth of today shall become the elders of tomorrow. The elders that the youth look up to as guides and examples in their lives. Fritzly has a mentor and he feels grateful by the fact he’s fortunate enough to have one makes him want to become one as he becomes older. He wants to be the guide for a lost kid as his mentor was for him when he was lost. Hansley and Fritz want to become a guide in a way for the next generation in the multiple talents and ideas they have to offer. They’re already guided because of Sauce Supply, 6 other apparel lines were made after.

      A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. That is the definition of an entrepreneur, but to be one it really just takes ingenuity and an idea and also sticking to that idea until it becomes bigger than what you expected. Becoming an entrepreneur is only easy when you work and plan enough to see yourself going somewhere, “1 step forward, 2 steps back”.


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